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Indigo Curtain Fabric Trends

If there is one colour that sums up a trend for curtain fabric in 2013, it is indigo. A key colour in the Spring/Summer 2013 catwalks, it has now filtered through to interiors and can be seen in everything from tiles, to furniture, paint to accessories. Although it may seem a daunting colour to begin with, when layered with other shades and a combination of patterns, it is a very versatile colour. For South facing rooms that are warmed with natural sunlight it looks beautiful when teamed with contrasting bright whites, reminiscent of the Greek islands. For colder, North facing schemes, indigos combined with beachy beiges create a softer, warmer mood.

Living Room

Layering of patterns really brings the colour to life. For the living room use a striking indigo print as the curtain fabric for an instant focal point then work around this combining a deep upholstery fabric with a light check on the furniture.

Children’s Room

These colours can work great in a children’s bedroom too. Try a quirky print on the curtains and team with a sandy coloured carpet and simple walls. A pinboard covered in a gingham fabric makes a great functional addition.


For bathrooms, keep it simple with a roman blind in a bold indigo striped fabric and team with striking indigo tiles and white flooring. Bathroom accessories in intricate patterns will keep the scheme alive.

Master Bedroom

Indigo is especially perfect for bedrooms, creating a calming atmosphere. Teaming the luxury of a silk used for an interlined roman blind and decorative cushions, with a heavier velvet upholstery fabric as a headboard creates a beautifully elegant and relaxing mood. For maximum impact add a bold floral print for full length curtains that pool on the floor. Bringing in other hues will balance the scheme, so try an upholstered chair in another more delicate print and team with accessories in all shades of blue to create a monochromatic colour scheme.


Using indigo in a kitchen may seem an unusual choice, but when combined with the complementary shade of orange that terracotta tiles provide, a wonderful scheme is created. For a country kitchen use a bold indigo check for curtains and blinds teamed with a smaller gingham check for seat cushions. For a modern city kitchen, a statement print in this shade of blue will really make your room stand out from the crowd. Combine with white units for a striking finish.

Just Fabrics provide thousands of curtain fabric and upholstery fabric, including an extensive range of designer clearance fabrics at discounted prices. We also stock hundreds of regular curtain fabric of which many are exclusive to Just Fabrics and will not be found anywhere else.

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Christmas Curtains Living Room – How To Decorate Your Living Room?

If you want to decorate your living room with the spirit of Christmas on your mind, you need to know the most excellent ideas. Christmas is fast approaching, which is why you need to know how to decorate your living room in accordance to the event. If you do not have any ideas on the things you need to get started, you do not have to worry. In this article, you will get to know the best ways to design Christmas curtains living room. Curtains will play a major role for the overall holiday theme of your living room. However, you should also know other factors that can further help you.

To help you have an idea, here are the instructions that you need to consider when it comes in decorating your living room to make it a cooler living place just in time for the holiday season:

•    Decide on the theme you will use – First off, you have to know the theme that will suit your home. With that said, you have to know the best styles, designs and colours of your living room curtains. Visitors will be mesmerized on how magnificent your curtains are if you will have the best Christmas-themed curtains. You can even add decorations on your curtains for an extra Christmas feel.

•    Consider your furniture – To make your living room look more beautiful, you need to likewise optimize your furniture. You can incorporate vibrant-coloured throws and pillows for sofas to go along with your Christmas curtains living room. Always remember that all the furnishings in your living room have to blend well with each other to get your desired living room theme.

•    Have some candles in your living room – Another way to make your living room more ready for the holiday season is by placing candles. It can give the room a soft and relaxing feel. Furthermore, what you can do is to choose scented candles to set the mood and further relax your senses alongside your family.

•    Include boxes wrapped up with Christmas wrapping paper – You have to know that this will further add up to the overall Christmas theme. You just need to pick the wrapping paper that will complement your curtains to get the best appearance of your living room.

These days, you need to seek for the best help that can actually help you find great deals when it comes to Christmas-inspired living room. In particular, you should know that going to the best website will let you know great deals when it comes to curtains. You have to consider having curtains that will not only improve your living room’s looks, but can also provide comfort for you and the whole family.

All in all, Christmas curtains living room alongside the other factors that can optimize your living room has to be considered. All you have to do is to take advantage of these pointers to keep you going. Christmas is a wonderful season and it only happens once every year; therefore, you need to take advantage of it.

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The Different Methods that Can Take to you Going for Quality Curtains

Excellent and wonderful circumstances have always dictated that you need to go for quality curtains in order to treat your Windows the best possible curtains. In this particular method, it is important for you to realize that going for the different kinds of quality curtains is one of the best sensitivity to do at the earliest. The extensive use of quality curtains in each and every window is definitely going to help you to make your house look extremely good, along with ensuring their initial phase to particular problems in the encroachment of your normal house. In these particular facilities, it is important for people to realize and understand that undertaking their photo quality methods that can bring about a lot of change to the particular aspect of the house is definitely one of the most important features that you need to realize. While most of the people actually find it extremely hard for themselves and go for an approximation cost of the quality curtains, it becomes a very hard time for you to undertake the use of those quality curtains without having the required amount of finances to do so.

In this particular context, it is important for people to realize that understanding the different kinds of factors that can influence the quality of the curtains would also have to be determined by your capabilities. If you find it going for lightweight materials and fabrics in your curtains is definitely an important prospect, then you should do so at the earliest. There have been a lot of cases in which people are gone for heavyweight materials only to realize that they have been blocking the passage of sunlight. Once you manage to find yourself in such a dilemma, it can be good enough for you to undertake and understand the different factors that can lead to such kind of a judgment. In this particular context is important for people to realize that when would you go for the design part of the cotton, you need to undertake quality curtains so that the design can actually stay. While most people always talk about curtain designs, it is simply understood that if you actually have the required amount of finances that you can bring to light, then you can easily get rid of each of the problems at the earliest. There are also a lot of other factors that it considered whenever you go for quality curtains, and make sure that you get to know about it at the earliest before you try to go for any other process.

Whenever there is any need for you to procure the best possible solutions provide connectivity can offer you to undertake the use of the design of curtains. Quality materials have always been able to provide you with an assertive mood to relief, and in the process can definitely take care of any sort of the day, across. In this particular condition, it is important for you to realize that going for quality curtains is one of the best things that can happen to you, and you need to go about doing your job in the best possible manner, that is to increase the interior decoration of your house. This way, you can definitely take care of any sort of problems that can come your way, and you need not worry about any of the factors that shall be affecting the different issues of the quality curtains. With exquisite designs imprinted on it, your house kind of look extremely good with the help of quality curtains.

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Making use of Villa Nova

When it comes to curtain fabrics, then you should always settle for something that can provide the necessary features in which your house would look exquisite, and well worthy of spending a lot of time. Taking such things into account, it can be good enough for you to undertake the use of the different kinds of fabrics which are available in the market, and spend money so that you can get the best possible fabric. With a lot of fabrics which are out in the market, the fact remains that it would depend upon your entire budget upon which the decision would be as to what kind of fabric should you go and procure. In this particular context, it is necessary and providing you with the necessary relief that you undertake the use of Villa Nova.  For most people that are familiar with this particular type of brand, then not that this is one of the most exquisite collections that can bring about a lot of change in the particular decor of the room. With just a single flourish of the curtains, the entire house can be transformed into something that can be called a rich heritage.

While most people are hesitant in order to spend a lot of money in procuring curtains, the fact remains that most of them can certainly go for villa nova as it is not only exquisite, but also extremely demanding upon the house. You can have matching interior decoration done, so as to make your house look extremely good. The amount of elaborate collection that you find of this particular material in any shop can definitely help you to gain the required amount of idea about the quality as well as the quantity of materials that you can provide him for the decoration of your house. Understanding the different capabilities of the various kinds of curtains is definitely something that can bring about a lot of things. Taking such things into account, it can be a good idea on your behalf to undertake the use of the different kinds of features that can help you out in all sorts of circumstances. The different kinds of requests that have actually been made in order to ensure that you can get the quotation, worked on was solely depend upon the amount of materials that you can procure for the curtains to be made.

Under all circumstances, you shall find that going for villa nova is definitely one to help you out in long-term. If you have guests visiting you, then they can definitely find themselves getting amazed with the amount of decoration work that has been done in your own house. Taking such things for a good lesson, it is necessary that you undertake the different kinds of needs about going for premium curtains from villa nova. This is a premium brand that can cost you a lot of money, and until and unless you actually know what you happen to be doing, the necessity of going for such kind of products can certainly help you to gain a lot of good idea. Taking such matters into contention, it is necessary for you to go for villa nova in case you have the required amount of money to afford them. In these particular features, it is one of the best-known things about going for villa nova that can certainly astound you. Most of the features would be, and are dependent upon the amount of time that you may have spent by going for different characteristics of the curtain, and also on the fabric.

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The useful effects of using bespoke Roman blinds

When you happen to have a house on the retail market, and the best possible thing that you need to do is to get the required amount of decoration in the house to feature the best possible resources, by which the buyer would be attracted. You can procure a lot of good-looking furniture, as well as paint the walls to look extremely good, but the fact remains that if there is nothing in the curtains, Department, then you would find that the people are not at all interested into the entire affair. Under such conditions, it can actually be a good idea on your part to ensure that you would be able to undertake the use of bespoke Roman blinds; it can certainly help you in all sorts of offers. The use of such kind of curtains can certainly ensure that you would be able to get the best possible Outlook on life is always ensuring that you would be able to get the best possible people to always become your constant buyer. There has been a lot of talk about the different kinds of features that would certainly be interesting to you, and you would find that going for bespoke Roman blinds can certainly ensure that you would definitely be able to enjoy the different aspects of the Roman Blinds.

Contrary to popular beliefs, it can actually be a very good idea on your part to ensure that you would be able to enjoy the different kinds of bespoke one times in the market, and you would be able to undertake the use of such kind of features in your own house. Contrary to the different popular is hands of understanding, you would find that going for the different kinds of bespoke Roman blinds can certainly is the entire decor of your room, ensuring that you would be able to get a lot of people to visit your house, and provide you with the required amount of accolades about the beautiful nature of your house. Considering the different facts that can certainly help you to procure such kind of Roman blinds, you would find that it is not cost you a lot of money, and they are sometimes only about a fraction of the amount of cost that you may have spent on creating curtains for the original Windows in your house.

In the different facts that you would definitely be able to find about the bespoke Roman blinds, there has been a lot of technicalities that people have actually been able to go through in order to ensure that they would be able to understand the use of such kind of features. You would find that the bespoke Roman blinds is not have a very complicated character, but the thing remains that you need to go through the details in order to operate them, or else you would end up breaking a particular thing. The bespoke Roman blinds can certainly provide you with the necessary amount of privacy required, and in the event of you having to get the best possible features and functionalities for yourself, it can actually be a good idea on your behalf to ensure that you would be able to undertake the use of such kind of curtains, without having to worry about any other features and functions. In this manner, you would certainly be able to get the best possible resources with which you would be able to tackle the different kinds of functionality with which there has been a lot of talk in the different strands of society.

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How should you tackle going for measuring for curtains?

With a lot of people on the lookout for customized curtains, you would find that most of them do not have any idea about how to go for measuring for curtains. This is extremely sad, due to the fact that most of them would have got for themselves very short fabric, or they would actually get extremely large fabric, that would not come in need. Under such circumstances, it would be good enough for you to ensure that you would be able to get the required amount of fullness that you desire in your curtains, but for that you need to keep a very good estimate of the amount of materials, which would be needed for the creation of the curtains. In this case, you need to consider the width of the Windows, along with ensuring that you would have to consider the different kinds of hangings that would be alongside the window frame. If in case you do find a window frame that would be large enough for you to hold the entire cotton, ensure that you actually care about 75% of the window dimension to be exact. In this way, you would be able to get a free-flowing nature of the curtains without having to worry about any sort of difficulties in the measurement.

Whenever you go for curtains, ensure that the over draperies should have extremely deep hemlines, that are to be considered as the best possible method in order to ensure that you would be able to finish with the braiding as well as all the other decorations that are to be incorporated within the curtains. There are a lot of other materials that you need to consider when you go for the measurement, as most of the materials are not behave in the same day after a single wash. You would find that the materials or fabric that has been created in the region of the silk nature needs to be more connected dimension. This is due to the fact that silk is not known to be in the same dimension, which you would generally see the normal fabric, and there is no sort of overextension in this particular fabric. If you manage to go for any other fabric, you would find that it can actually shrink and become something of a very small and miniature curtain.

Another thing that you would like to include in your curtains would have to be good enough hanging. You should provide the required amount of considerations, so that you can actually consider the width of the material, and the amount of free-flowing nature that you would want of your curtain. Once you get a very good idea about the different kinds of materials that would be needed for the creation of the curtain, it would not be a problem for you to go for such kind of material. In the UK, you would find that going for measuring for curtains requires a lot of technicality in which you would be able to create about a variety of calculations for the requirement of your curtains. You would find that the normal width of the curtains would be about 50 inches, and in case you were worried about the excess amount of materials, then you can cut them into half, creating an equal side of 25 inches per curtain. In this way, you would be able to create a very good equation in which you shall be taking to the aspect of going for good enough measurement for the creation of curtains.

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Keep the Temperature under Control: Dress up Your Home with Insulated Tab Top Curtains

Who wouldn’t agree when I say a home is never complete without fancy curtains hanging on the windows and sometimes even on doorways? Not only do they provide pleasantries for the eyes, they also grant you with the privacy you need. But did you know that the simple curtain accessorizing your window can do more than just plain hanging there? If not, then you must not have heard about insulated tab top curtains. You better read on to learn not just something new but something practically valuable for your homes.

Top Curtains

Insulated tab top curtains, are insulated. I’d like to put emphasis on that. Insulated meaning it prevents the passage of either heat or cold by trapping these temperatures in it. Yes, it traps either heat or cold and holds them for a while. How does it do it? The curtain, is no plain curtain at all, is actually made of four working layers, each with their own functions which helps in the insulation process. It has a layer of lining, the one that’s suppose to look attractive to the eyes, one with holo fibers, a layer of polyethylene which acts as vapor barriers, and lastly, a layer of Mylar, which works in trapping the air. You see, these four layers work hand in hand to achieve the promise of the insulated tab top curtains of a better management of temperature in your homes.


So what good will it do to you if these curtains keeps either heat or cold? Well, these curtains are actually a great help to manage your electricity bills. How? See, most homes spend too much adapting to the weather outside, as we are exposed to the extremes of winter and summer, we have to keep our home temperatures at that right level to keep as from freezing or burning whichever the case may be.

Whenever it’s too cold outside, naturally people turn on their heaters. The heater tends to use more energy as it needs to continually give off heat to maintain the desired temperature. With the help of the tab top curtains, the heater works less. It will trap the heat as exerted by the heater thus helping in maintaining that level of desired temperature. The heater will exert less effort, thus, resulting to lesser energy consumption. The same goes for an air conditioning unit trying to cool a warm house, just use analogy. Are you now getting a picture? Moreover, it does not only work from the inside but also works from the outside. As it is hanged on the windows, it helps keep the temperature outside from coming in, thereby giving you more control in the temperature as promised. You won’t experience sudden gush of strong winds, or sudden blow of ward air. Just the desired temperature as you have requested your heater or air conditioner.

Curtains and Blinds

Installation would be another concern of yours. You need not to worry about installing these tab top curtains as they were devised to be easy to install. They have the same installing requirement as a regular curtain so there’s not much to fuss about if you already have a place for your curtains.

They promise not only functionality but also beauty. These tab top curtains are meant for homes and offices, thus the need for it to look attractive. They are offered in different fabrics with attractive colors which will suit well whatever look you want your home to have. There are solid colors for those who prefer it simple, and   there are also the colorful ones just right for those who want fancy looking homes. Do you consider installing one already?

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